Starting from a Latin word that is the semantic root of terms like building, structuring, educating and that gives the title to the album, Alraune and Anna Fusek have built a path through counterpoint in all its forms to offer to the listener a place of the spirit. The cornerstones of polyphony such as Bach’s Ricercare à 6 or Tye’s In Nomine à 6 are matched by other compositions originally vocal by Gesualdo, Merula and Bach himself that have been played in instrumental version to increase their degree of abstraction. Two compositions by Glass and Gurdjieff offer further expressive perspectives and are like peaks on which to stand to observe the rest.

Anna Fusek | Flauto dolce, Violino, Campane Gotiche

LP & CD | STRUES | NA039

Anna Fusek | Recorder, Violin, Gothic Bells

Franziska Schötensack | Violin

Stefano Zanobini | Violin and Viola

Hildegard Kuen | Viola

Mario Sollazzo | Harpsichord

Fabiano Merlante | Theorbo and baroque Guitar

Rosita Ippolito | Viola da Gamba

Marco Casonato | Violone

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