Alraune feat. Anna Fusek

“We are all on our own”

SOLO is a program focused on spectacular solo concerts by Vivaldi and his contemporaries. Anna Fusek alternates with Alraune’s soloists by changing instrument and role. The program offers solo concerts for all the instruments present: recorder, violin, cello, viola d’amore, lute and harpsichord and was developed specifically with Alraune to propose the baroque opposition between “Solo” and “Tutti” and instrumental virtuosity.

SOLO includes in addition to Vivaldi’s masterpieces such as the Concerto for flute strings and b.c. RV443, the Concerto for cello, strings and b.c. RV 405, the Concerto for recorder, strings and b.c. RV 535, the Concerto for lute, viola d’amore, strings and b.c. RV 540 and the Concerto for flute, strings and b.c. “La notte” RV 439 concertos by J.S. Bach, Telemann and Durante.

SOLO was premiered during the Summer Concert Season 2019 of the Orchestra della Toscana (Italy).

Anna Fusek | Recorder and violin
Franziska Schötensack | Violin
Stefano Zanobini | Violin, Viola and Viola d’amore
Hildegard Kuen | Viola
Augusto Gasbarri | Violoncello
Mario Sollazzo | Harpsichord
Fabiano Merlante | Theorbo, Archlute and baroque Guitar
Margherita Naldini | Violone