Dario Castello | Sonate Concertate Libro Primo

The passion and study of the seventeenth-century repertoire is one of the main focuses of Alraune and led to the first recording project of the group: the complete recording of the first sonata book of the great composer of the seventeenth century Venetian.

From the beginning Alraune’s approach was of great adherence to the text but also of extreme freedom that in this recording is declined in the variety of instruments used to play the solo parts of the sonatas, looking for combinations that best highlighted the individual characters of the sonatas.

This interpretation was positively evidenced by Detlef Krenge of BR Klassik presenting the recording on German radio: “The musicians are so comfortable in this repertoire that listening to them does not even pose the problem of the authenticity of the interpretation. Even the many contrasts, typical of the Sonatas of Castello and more generally of the “Stil Moderno” of the early seventeenth century, seem to the Ensemble Alraune absolutely automatic, logical and natural.”


Nicole Inoue, Paolo Lambardi | Violin

Stefano Zanobini, Hildegard Kuen | Viola

Andrea Landi | Violoncello

Dietrich Haböck |Violone

Rosita Ippolito, Martina Weber| Viola da gamba

Federica Bianchi, Ottaviano Tenerani | Harpsichord

Luca Marconato| Theorbo and baroque Guitar

Martino Noferi | Recorder and Oboe

Grzegorsz Sperski | Fagott

Antonio Sicoli | Trombone

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