Le Fate 1736

The work of rediscovery, edition and staging of the opera Le Fate by Giovanni Alberto Ristori started from the manuscripts of Dresden dated 1736, has passed through Ekhof’s historical theatre and the homonymous festival in Germany and has resulted in a film and a documentary by Anton Giulio Onofri produced by Novantiqua Records and distributed on DVD and on SKY Classica HD channel.

Anna Fusek | Flauto dolce, Violino, Campane Gotiche

2DVD | LE FATE 1736 | NA011

Mario Sollazzo & Stefano Zanobini | Musical Direction

Federica Carnevale | ALCINA

Nicholas Spanos | RUGGIERO

Arianna Donadelli | BRADAMANTE

Matteo Desole | ASTOLFO

Carla Babelegoto | MELISSA

Giacomo Schiavo | DORO

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