Tuscania is a serie of recordings linked to the humanistic idea of celebrating the abolition of the death penalty sanctioned in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany as the first state in history. Starting from this enlightenment context, Tuscania aims to deepen the chamber music of Tuscan composers of the second half of the eighteenth century, musicians such as Cambini, Boccherini, Nardini, European level, linked to the great experiences of innovation at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries and often in regular contact with personalities such as Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven.


vol. 1 | Boccherini, Cambini | NA017

vol. 2 | Cambini, Mozart | NA027

vol. 3 | Colombes et Crocodiles | NA040

vol. 4 | Mozart in Florence | NA044

vol. 5 | Rumbling Divertimenti | NA071


Stefano Zanobini | Hildegard Kuen | Augusto Gasbarri | Franziska Schötensack | Andrea Landi | Nicola Barbagli | Margherita Naldini

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