Purcell | Dido & Aeneas

“A real rethinking of the opera”

Dido & Aeneas by Purcell has been produced during the Opera Season 2020/21 of the Teatro Comunale of Modena. A repertoire title to which Alraune has approached individually but with great respect due to each score. A musical interpretation characterized by a great rhythmic and emotional tension, a wonderful cast and the direction of Stefano Monti in a revolutionized theatrical space, contributed to a success amplified by the broadcast on the Opera Streaming channel and visible entirely below on this page.

The performance is certainly not bound by any inherited performance tradition: the chorus ‘Cupid only throws the dart’ is positively funereal; ‘But ere we this perform,’ too, is rethought, the slower tempo adding weight before an accelerando takes us into appropriately stormy waters. Never have I heard such a frenzied ‘Oft she visits this lone fountain’ (the Second Woman, Alice Molinari, does well to keep up with the gritty dotted rhythms below her while a shadow show of orgiastic ladies underlines the threat). It is symptomatic of what makes thisDidoso refreshing: a real rethinking of the music and the drama.

Colin Clarke | Seen and Heard International

Just few notes of the overture let perceive the strong pathos and the stylistic attention present in the reading proposed by Mario Sollazzo who, from the harpsichord, conducts the musicians of the Ensemble Alraune. The sound is neat, brilliant, rich in contrasts and nuances that guarantee the elegance and variety of narration needed for the score of Purcell.

Alberto Dilenge | Connessialopera
Dido & Aeneas | Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti Modena